Fur, feathers and procedural geometry

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5.0.4 for Maya 2024 & 2023 (Linux and Windows)

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Fur and Hair

Numerous nodes for styling, braiding, dynamics and layered grooming all built on a non-topology dependent workflow.


Easily create feathers via a flexible and optimized generator that integrates into the Yeti graph for instancing, look development and deformation.


Work non-destructively using a Yeti's procedural graph editor fully integrated within Maya.

Flexible Grooming

Grooming is easy with a diverse range of powerful and user friendly tools for sculpting, painting, layering and trimming.

Pipeline and Rendering

Developed as a good global pipeline citizen Yeti makes it easy to adjust, update and publish cache files while being flexible enough to integrate into all studio environments.


Support for leading realtime engines and workflows for the latest production demands.

Supported Renderers


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A powerful node based procedural toolset for producing fur, feathers and efficiently instancing geometry within Autodesk's Maya™

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Upgrade licenses are for current 4.0 customers who want to upgrade to 5.0, please make sure you already own a Yeti license if purchsing an upgrade. 

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