Yeti 4.0 is Available!

Yeti 4.0 is Available!

We are happy to announce that after much development and testing Yeti 4.0 is now available.  Here is an brief overview of what's new in this release. 

Sampler nodes

We've introduced a new type of node, called a Sampler node, which provides a more visual and flexible means of controlling parameters. These can be used to build an input flow to any number of parameters that visually constructs a context aware expression that is compiled and evaluated at runtime.

There are three new nodes, Curve, Noise and Expression and the Texture node has been refactored to be used as a Sampler to be able to directly wired into parameters.

Graph editor, grouping and presets
Nodes can now be grouped to make graph organization easier with the ability to save either these new groups or node selections as presets to be re-used and shared within the studio environment. A quick menu, using the TAB key, has been introduced along with a new UI theme.

Strand Simulation
Yeti's simulation engine has been refactored to provide more accurate and stable results along with improved collision detection for better collision response.

A Density Gradient field continuum has been added that introduces psuedo strand to strand collisions for better volume preservation.

Region of Interest
A Region of Interest can be added to a Yeti node to limit graph evaluation and results to a bounding volume which provides a way of focusing in on little details while also speeding up iteration due to the limit evaluation.

The Clump node has undergone a major refactor inheriting the volumetric clumping of the guide curves and removing the need for a second input relying on a fractal based clumping method and a subset of the inputs fibres to clump too.

Component Editing
More options when editing Grooms in Component Editing mode including the ability to edit along the length of the curve and stretch/pull strands for finer control.

Much More!
Please refer to the Yeti 4.0 release notes for many of the smaller updates, features and fixes.

Yeti 4.0 is a complimentary upgrade for purchases made on or after January 1st 2021, these can be requested via our upgrade request form

For all other upgrade options please refer to the Yeti Studio or Yeti Indie product pages. 

Please note: Yeti 4.0 is only available for Maya 2020 at this time, a Maya 2022 release will follow shortly.