Happy Holidays, Yeti 4.1 and Bokeh for Nuke 13.1

Happy Holidays, Yeti 4.1 and Bokeh for Nuke 13.1

Happy Holidays

It's been a big ol' year for all of us.  As 2021 rolls to a close we can't help share all the gratitude we have for our community.

The industry has hit an incredible inflection point with gorgeous real time demos, new platforms and advances in machine learning driving innovation and it doesn't feel like anyone is ready to come off the breaks for 2022. 

For the time being we are prescribing rest and relaxation for all of the craftspeople who've made this year a success, spend it with your loved ones and embrace the festivities - you owe it to yourselves.

We are wrapping up our year with two small releases, enjoy! 

Yeti 4.1.0

Although originally meant to be a bigger update, introducing Arnold 7.x support in a hot fix didn't feel right - so we prioritized a few features, fixes and upgraded to Arnold 7.x and MtoA 5.x for 4.1 while staying on track for a larger release early 2022. 
Available now on the Yeti Downloads page.

Bokeh for Nuke 13.1

For our Bokeh users, we've released version 1.4.8 with support for Nuke 13.1.
Available now on the Bokeh Downloads page.