A powerful node based procedural toolset for producing fur, feathers and efficiently instancing geometry within Autodesk's Maya™

Latest Version: 3.1.13 for Maya 2018 & 2019 (Linux64, Win64 and macOS) – release notes

Fur and Hair

With numerous nodes for styling, braids, layered grooming and a non-destructive workflow there’s no fur/hair challenge too big.


Easily create feathers via a flexible and optimized generator that integrates into the Yeti graph for instancing, additional styling and deformation.

Procedural Workflow

Embrace the freedom to create, modify, animate and render interactively using a custom procedural graph editor fully integrated within Maya’s interface.

Flexible Grooming and Styling

Grooming is made easy with a diverse range of powerful and user friendly tools for styling, painting, layering and trimming.

Pipeline and Rendering

Developed as a good global pipeline citizen Yeti makes it easy to adjust, update and publish cache files while being flexible enough to integrate into most studio environments.

Supported Renderers



USD$6991x Interactive + 5x Render/Batch Licenses
  • Floating License
  • Yeti Central Access
  • Full Support
Studio Render*
USD$3995x Render/Batch Licenses
  • Floating License
  • Yeti Central Access
  • Full Support
Indie (NEW for 3.0)
USD$3291x Interactive + 1x Render/Batch License
  • Node Locked License
  • Yeti Central Access
  • Basic Support

*Upgrades from Yeti 2.x to 3.0 are available at USD$299 for Studio licenses and USD$169 for Studio Render licenses.


A discount of %65 on Studio licenses is available for eligible educational institutes, please contact sales for more information.