Fubar Redux Released!

A big congratulations to HazVFX on the release of Fubar Redux – Bokeh was used through out the project with Peregrine Labs as a technology Sponsor along with The Foundry, GenArts and Shotgun Software.

Fubar: Extended Redux Edition Teaser 2011

HaZ is at it again, the new teaser for Fubar: Extended Redux Edition is available for your viewing pleasure – with some lovely examples of Bokeh in use.

Featuring some new shots and sequences only available in the extended redux edition. Enjoy and crank up the volume for some epic cats and dogs political war action! If you loved the current version of Fubar then get ready to be reduxed with this extended version to be released worldwide in festivals as well as DVD and Bluray on March 2012 (tbc).

Congratulations on the milestone HaZ!

Bokeh @ Siggraph Asia

We wish we were heading to Hong Kong for Siggraph Asia but alas we can’t be everywhere at once – but we’re lucky enough to have Bokeh being showcased as part of Alex Fry’s Happy Feet 2 demo in The Foundry’s booth.

Here are the details:

Siggraph Asia – Hong Kong
Tuesday 13th Dec 2011
S228 Level2 Hong Kong Convention Centre
Alex Fry – Happy Feet 2 & Dr. D
Time: 14.45 – 15.15

We hope everyone attending has a great time!

VRay and Bokeh

Peter Hartwig provides a brief overview of dealing with post DOF with VRay and how to use it with Bokeh here.