Yeti 1.1 Is Available!

A big congratulations to the whole Peregrine Labs team on the release of Yeti 1.1 – we’ve been working hard over the last few months to implement features and reduce those gotchas.

We’re calling this our “rendering version” as the biggest addition is support for both Chaos Group’s V-Ray and Solid Angle’s Arnold in addition to Pixar’s RenderMan and 3Delight – a big thank you to all the companies for their support.

Licensing has also been made much more flexible, all of our rendering tools ( including referencing cached fur in Maya ) run completely unlicensed which means only an interactive license is required for editing and/or simulation in Maya.

Along the way we’ve improved dynamics, graph evaluation, instancing and grooming!

For more information please contact us or request a trial license.

Rendered with Yeti and Arnold, courtesy of Tarkan Sarim

To our US customers

UPDATE – June 03rd 2019: This restriction has been lifted, more details will follow but as of today we are very happy to provide licenses to US based customers. 

As much as we would like everyone to use our great products, due to a recent turn of events we can no longer make Yeti available to all of the lovely users in the United States. Our official statement is:

“To avoid a potential ongoing and expensive legal dispute with Joe Alter respecting the scope of his patent, Peregrine and Alter have executed a settlement agreement in which Peregrine has agreed not to sell or license the Yeti plug-in to users located within the geographic boundaries of the United States until his patent expires.”

The decision to settle was difficult but necessary, as a small company we’d rather put our resources into improving our products than feeding a broken legal system.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions and/or concerns.

The Peregrine Labs Team

Toonbox Entertainment and Yeti via Dell!

Dell has made a video available showcasing some of the great work Toonbox Entertainment has been producing over the last year – the crew has been involved with Yeti from the beginning and, with the help of the Peregrine Labs team, integrated it as their studio wide fur solution.

Bokeh @ Siggraph Asia

We wish we were heading to Hong Kong for Siggraph Asia but alas we can’t be everywhere at once – but we’re lucky enough to have Bokeh being showcased as part of Alex Fry’s Happy Feet 2 demo in The Foundry’s booth.

Here are the details:

Siggraph Asia – Hong Kong
Tuesday 13th Dec 2011
S228 Level2 Hong Kong Convention Centre
Alex Fry – Happy Feet 2 & Dr. D
Time: 14.45 – 15.15

We hope everyone attending has a great time!

VRay and Bokeh

Peter Hartwig provides a brief overview of dealing with post DOF with VRay and how to use it with Bokeh here.