Peregrine at FMX 2013

We had a wonderful time in Stuttgart, thank you to everyone involved and those who we had time to meet!

FXGuide has coverage of Bokeh mentioned during the Pixar presentation of their new short film and a follow up FXGuideTV episode that goes into more detail.


Hopefully we’ll see everyone there next year. 🙂

Bokeh plays with Zync

We’re happy to announce that Bokeh is available for customers to use on Zync Render, the Zync team have done a fantastic job of offering an extremely well managed and integrated solution for cloud computing and we’re excited our customers will be able to take advantage of it.

Please contact the great staff at Zync to find out more about their platform and software support.

TDForum 2012 – Iceland

We’re happy to announce that Colin will be returning to this years Nordic TDForum in Iceland after last years enjoyable escape to Copenhagen, Denmark. The TDForum is an amazing gathering of talented TD’s in the Nordic region with a focus on helping to educate and build ties within the community. If you’re going please say hi!

Bokeh @ the Geek Fest

Don’t miss Johannes Saam and Denis Scolan share the great work done on Prometheus by Fuel VFX at this years Geek Fest held by The Foundry at Siggraph 2012. Bokeh was used within Fuel’s deep compositing pipeline to help defocus millions of rendered particles.

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If you can’t make it to the fest, they will be repeating their presentation in the Foundry booth during the conference – and if you see them during a social gathering, be sure to buy them a drink!