A highly optimized plug-in for simulating out-of-focus effects and the industry's first and only to fully support deep data.


  • deep data support for both colour and depth
  • traditional Z-depth support
  • varying lens shapes including a user-supplied image
  • simulated lens aperture blades
  • lens blooming
  • spherical and chromic aberration simulation
  • f-stop and focal length settings for real world lens simulation
  • Nuke 3D camera input
  • matte inputs to control defocus, blooming and chromic aberration
  • visualization of focus regions and lens shapes for finer feedback
  • highly optimized to make use of multiple cores and SIMD processors


The licensing model for Bokeh changed in early 2019 – please refer to this post for more details.

Site License ( 9999 ) USD$1600 p/a
Single License ( floating ) USD$129 p/a
Single License ( node-locked ) USD$99 p/a

All licenses are on an annual subscription basis and include one year of support and updates from date of purchase.


You can give Bokeh a try before buying just by downloading and using it unlicensed, it will work fine though render subtle watermarks until an available license is found.