Yeti helps Cinesite recreate Sparta

Cinesite created over 350 visual effects shots on 300: Rise of an Empire, completing work in just a few short weeks. Many of their shots involved the creation of Ancient Greece, and Yeti was used to create a key aspect of one of their main sequences.


Cinesite’s Visual Effects Supervisor Richard Clarke: “Sparta is a place where the wind defines the ambience of the environment and the movement of wind over the wheat field was a great way of representing this. In this shot, I wanted to create huge, open, natural wheat fields wafting in the wind.”

Yeti’s instancing was improved due to feedback from Cinesite; including full support for PRMan’s ObjectInstance (and similar for the other rendering engines) which was used heavily on the production.

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Trixter integrates Yeti for Wolfblood

For the BBC’s second series of Wolfblood Trixter turned to Yeti for the digitally created stars of the show. Rendering Pipeline Supervisor Barry Kane was kind enough to share why the studio made the move to Yeti and some of the challenges of integrating it with Katana.

“We were looking for a fast high quality solution which could also allow us to move away from large I/O intensive RIB archives as used on the first series of the show.”


“A native RenderMan capability which could be potentially integrated with Katana was an additional requirement. The PRMan DSO supplied with Yeti saved us from a potentially very lengthy development cycle of our own to achieve the same capability.”

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A Feather Challenge for Digital Apes

Csaba Elteto of Digital Apes Ltd. shares why the studio turned to Yeti to help solve their feather challenges when asked to create a CG Seagull.


“The job was to create an opening film sequence that would feature a computer generated seagull, so we went to look for a software solution that could do exactly that. The facility had already been using the usual hair and fur tools for smaller jobs but we hadn’t had enough positive experience to use them for a bigger project so our team immediately thought of Yeti as a possible solution.”

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Defocusing Bricks with Bokeh, Animal Logic and The Lego Movie

Julien Leveugle, Compositing Supervisor for Animal Logic’s The Lego Movie, took some time to share details with us about Bokeh’s involvement with the production.


“We used Bokeh extensively on The Lego Movie, due to the miniature nature of the Lego figurines we went for a shallow depth of field look. I would say that about 90% of the shots of the movie contain Bokeh one way or an other, sometimes used to achieve extremely shallow depth of field.”

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Magical Beyond Beyond

The wonderful team at Copenhagen Bombay have been kind enough to share some of their work on the magical Beyond Beyond picture recently completed.

A small group of talented craftspeople worked tirelessly and extremely efficiently to produce the project for a fraction of most productions and we’re happy they chose Yeti to compliment their skills.

Those of us in North America will be able to enjoy the film thanks to Grindstone Entertainment and Lionsgate Home Entertainment.

A big congratulations to everyone involved!