Bokeh 0.9.7 Released

A new release of Bokeh has been made available, besides fixing a handful of bugs we’ve added

  • Nuke 3D camera input
  • Separate front and back focus passes
  • Lens back option for real world lens output

As usual the latest download can be found on the Bokeh page.


Bokeh 0.9.5 Released

We’ve just released version 0.9.5 of Bokeh, although there are a few new features the focus has been on bugs and stability plus a few small documentation changes.

All of the download links are now available on the webpage, enjoy!

Bokeh 0.9.4 Released, Windows build available…

We’ve just released v0.9.4 of Bokeh for Mac, Linux and ( finally! ) Windows 7 along with a new distribution format and servers for easier/quicker access.

This build has been focused on housekeeping as well as optimizing the depth visualization preview.


Node based

Now that we’re moving towards our beta release we’ll start to reveal more information via the product pages and blog entries discussing some of the functionality in more detail.

We’ve had a few people contact us to ask what our node base implantation means – as Yeti lives in Maya is it just an extension of a Maya graph or more? It’s more…

Peregrine has an internal API called Plateau ( following the theme ) that all of our tools are based on, Plateau is really good at managing data ( and what happens to that data ) which we leverage heavily in all of our products, especially Sherpa and Yeti. To accommodate this new data management we spent the time developing our own node based system that skirts much of the traditional Maya workflow and implements a procedural model that may be more familiar to Houdini users.

This new implementation gives us both the flexibility of a true procedural system and the interactivity that Maya is known for – and our beta testers are just as excited about it as we are!