Happy Thanksgiving!

To all our Canadian counterparts, have a Happy Thanksgiving – eat well and be merry! The office will be officially closed this monday but will be back to normal operations the following day.

Bokeh Updates

In a post-siggraph flurry of activity we’ve released not just one, but two versions of Bokeh. The focus has been on improving the deep image defocus support as well as stability and lens simulation. Here’s a brief highlight list:

  • new documentation!
  • all channels are supported in the deep data input ( see https://peregrinelabs.com/bokeh/videos )
  • an option to simulate a lens that will match PRMan’s defocus
  • ability to control front and back focus separately
  • updated lens simulation algorithm to improve accuracy
  • chromic aberration is handled more subtly ( it should be easier to match with captured images )
  • new depth style parameter to control how Bokeh interprets incoming depth values

and many bug fixes!

A big thanks to everyone we met in Vancouver and hopefully we’ll see you soon!

Yeti and SeExpr…

We recently made the decision to replace our in house expression engine integrated in Yeti with Disney Animation’s SeExpr. The integration means that every parameter on a node can be controlled via an expression that can reference local and global variables. Here is a quick demo video.

Bokeh 1.0.1

We’re excited to finally release 1.0 of Bokeh! This release also includes deep image support for the recently released Nuke 6.3 for those who’ve been waiting.

Check out the Bokeh product page for more information and example images!