Whether generating worlds, creating characters or telling tales we build technology driven by imagination.


Our success comes from an environment that allows our talented team to grow, explore and create without the fear of failure.




With a pedigree in the visual effects and animation industry the Peregrine Labs team has over 25 years experience working on some of the most memorable projects in cinema’s recent history.  Our love of storytelling and the opportunities before us led to the founding of a sustainable studio with the goal of researching and developing new platforms to create memorable experiences.


Since inception our roster of amazing clients and collaborators has grown into a global who’s who of visual storytelling.  Along the way we’ve been honoured to receive a Science and Technology Academy Award® from the Academy of Motion Pictures and Sciences for our technical contributions to the industry and our goal is to maintain the same level of innovation in every project we undertake.


With a core philosophy to provide a working environment for our team that rewards them with a sustainable lifestyle we embrace flexible hours, remote work, autonomy and mindfulness of family life which has consistently led to the highest productivity and creativity.


We are a division of Peregrine Visual Storytelling Ltd., a privately held Canadian company located less than an hour from Toronto.




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