A powerful node based procedural toolset for producing fur, feathers and efficiently instancing geometry within Autodesk's Maya™

Latest Version: 3.1.1 for Maya 2018 (Linux64, Win64 and macOS) – release notes

Fur and Hair

It’s what Yeti was built for – with numerous nodes for styling, layered grooming and a non-destructive workflow there’s no fur/hair challenge too big.

New for 3.0 is our custom Braid geometry adding even more hair style possibilities.


A custom procedural generator takes feather creation and rendering a step further to offer an efficient artist friendly means of creating extremely high detailed plumage.

Easily build and design feathers visually within the Maya viewport to be imported into the Yeti graph for instancing, additional styling and deformation.

Procedural Workflow

Yeti has been developed to embrace the freedom and flexibility to create, change, animate and render using a custom procedural graph editor fully integrated within Maya’s interface.

All of this makes it possible to interactively groom and edit assets at their full fidelity within the viewport.

Flexible Grooming and Styling

Unlike traditional fur solutions Yeti grooms are not dependent on surface topology or texture UVs; this allows models to change with only minor aesthetic tweaks to the groom and strand placement anywhere on a surface.

Styling is made easy with a diverse range of tools for short fur, long hair, parting and feathers that are both powerful and user friendly.

With Groom Deformation Layers (introduced in 3.0) it becomes even easier to layer and blend specific looks while introducing a new level of control over hair styles.

Pipeline and Rendering

Developed as a good global citizen from the start; Yeti caches are lightweight with built in previews with support for most industry leading rendering engines.

Pipeline integration is easy with the ability to cache out sequences while corrective grooming allows a layered based approach to both dynamics and variant styles easily adjusting, updating and recaching out changes.

Supported Renderers



USD$6991x Interactive + 5x Render/Batch Licenses
  • Floating License
  • Yeti Central Access
  • Full Support
Studio Render*
USD$3995x Render/Batch Licenses
  • Floating License
  • Yeti Central Access
  • Full Support
Indie (NEW for 3.0)
USD$3291x Interactive + 1x Render/Batch License
  • Node Locked License
  • Yeti Central Access
  • Basic Support

*Upgrades from Yeti 2.x to 3.0 are available at USD$299 for Studio licenses and USD$169 for Studio Render licenses.


A discount of %65 on Studio licenses is available for eligible educational institutes, please contact sales for more information.